Sanitaryware Products

One piece basin

One piece closet


table top


wall hung closet

wash basin

wash basin padestel

water closet

What is sanitaryware Products ?

Sanitaryware Products are made from ceramic ware that utilized in bathrooms. Some of the sanitaryware products are

Bath tubs

Accessories like:

Soap holder/trays.
Ash trays.
Towel Rod.
Toilet paper holder.
And a few different merchandise are made with the aid of using ceramics.

Sanitaryware Meaning

Sanitary – Hygienic and Clean.
Ware – Product / article

Sanitaryware Definition
Sanitaryware is a vitreous china frame fired above 1200°C to get the specified sanitary version to apply for home and business purpose.

  • Properties
    Some of the important residences which can be required for sanitaryware frame.
  • Water absorption ought to be under 0.5%.
    Can with stand minimal of four hundred Kgs load.
    Good smooth floor for smooth cleaning.

Sanitary Ware is made the use of 3 primary components.

1) Clay

Ball clay
China clay
2) Quartz
3) Feldspar

All this uncooked substances are jumbled together right position, casted and fired to get very last sanitary ware product. Some of the Sanitary ware merchandise are Wash basins, pedestals,Urinals, Wall hung, one piece bathroom, tubtub tubs and bathroom tanks.

Sanitary ware are made in exceptional shades as consistent with the requirement. it is able to endure heavy load and has true scratch resistance property.

Sanitary ware is available in kind of designs and kind of form and sizes.